What we’re about

52inc is a design and development studio that builds apps for iOS, Android, and the web. We partner with early-stage startups, growing companies, and household names to create products that are beautiful and fun to use.


App Development

Creating fast and fluid experiences is super important to us. Our team specializes in iOS and Android, and we're adamant about using the best tools and techniques.


Web Development

We make modern sites that complement your app. We design landing pages, blogs, and web apps that will help you step up your brand and web presence.


Server Development

We create scalable server architecture that handles traffic gracefully, and we can help migrate your data to more robust platforms to back your product launch.


UI/UX Design

Design unifies us and carries throughout our process. We obsess over the details until we're confident we've built a product both you and your users will love.



We choose typography and color palettes to define your product's look, and create custom iconography that helps your app stand out from others on the market.



We've helped hundreds of people bring their products to market, and we've learned what works and what doesn't Let us help you create something that gets noticed.

What others have said

“I’ve heard it many times from my team over the last few weeks: ‘They are great to work with.’ This is just the type of relationship we wanted to have with 52inc. It’s really awesome to know we can continue to count on them to turn it up when we need it most.”

Kevin Farrell
President of TrueMotion